Fondant Cakes Inspired By Movies


Good evening, friends!

So how is everyone doing today? We’re doing great and hope you are as well!

Everything has been great over at Your Moments Created so to have ourselves a little fun we recently went out with our own little ones and saw Disney’s movie Frozen and we absolutely loved it! (Being from Florida, we appreciated Olaf’s love for summer weather. LOL!) We also loved seeing the bond between sisters and thoroughly enjoyed watching the funny antics of our favorite snowman! So here we have our recent inspiration after seeing that adorable movie!

Inside we stacked three layers. The first was tinted blue but tasted of vanilla, the second was white also with vanilla flavoring and lastly a chocolate layer to give those chocolate lovers something as well!  In between each layer was the sweet and scrumptious taste of mouth-watering, vanilla buttercream. Covering the entire cake was a never-ending amount of more buttercream which held vanilla fondant finishing off this amazing look! We had so much fun making all these fondant accents for the cake. If we can ever be of any help to you for your next birthday party feel free to send us an e-mail at

Hope you guys like it!