Cupcakes, pies and cakes galore!

CakeWatermark4 Hi, friends!

Here are some of our latest creations. From chocolate pies to chocolate filled cupcakes and chocolate ganache covered cakes, we at Your Moments Created are going into chocolate overload! So to even out our taste buds we dabbled with some vanilla for a sweet and delicious end to a great week.


Chocolate Ganache Cake





Chocolate Cream Pie


Spring Cupcakes



Vanilla Cake


Chocolate Filled Cupcakes



Marshmallow Cupcakes


Vanilla Chocolate Cake





Your Moments Created



Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dulce De Leche Cake Pops and More!


Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and so we had to give in to our temptations and delve into the world of strawberries and carry on with our dulce de leche ways. Who doesn’t enjoy a big, juicy, red strawberry, dipped in chocolate and covered in chocolate chips? We do!


But we can’t forget our cake pops! This time we tried out something different. Instead of using our usual vanilla taste to our cake pops, we incorporated dulce de leche instead. Here are a few of our chocolate-covered cake pops filled with spongy vanilla cake and finger-licking good dulce de leche. Don’t forget the chocolate chips!


But Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete in our neck of the woods, without our mouth-watering alfajores. Here they are ready to go for that special someone…


Pink, spongy, vanilla cupcakes with soft, vanilla frosting and topped off with chocolate chips, platinum sprinkles and wedged in with a tiny Oreo cookie, these sweet treats are sure to not disappoint!


We also went ahead and made our donut-shaped cakes and boxed them up ready for delivery!




Birthday Baskets With Chocolate Lollipops


Here’s a look at our latest birthday baskets! They are filled with white chocolate lollipops which read “Happy Birthday” to the special birthday lady or gentleman.


What a way to celebrate!

-Your Moments Created LLC

Coffee and Chocolate? What could be better?

So you love that caffeine rush in the morning but maybe you have a sweet tooth, too? Well, there’s no need to fear! You get the best of both worlds here!  Check out our latest coffee-shaped, chocolate and white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress in a gorgeous, shimmering basket box. To add just a little flare, we threw in a few chocolate and white chocolate roses to boot!  Love these! Yum yum…

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Side-view of basket

Side-view of basket


It’s a jungle out there!


So one of our own little ones had his  first birthday coming up so here are some pics from a jungle-themed birthday party we put together for him. We created the chocolate lollipops you see in the pics as well as the decor.  The cake and cupcakes came from a local bakery who was kind enough to bake them for us. So if you’re in need of assistance for your next jungle-themed party, send us an e-mail at or and we will be happy to help you with anything within our reach. We even do party bags for the kiddos!


Be careful. It’s a jungle out there!



Your Moments Created

Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli…

Happy new year, friends!

We hope the beginning of 2013 has started off well for all of you!

Our new year started off with a splash of color as we began by making sweet, delicious brownie pops covered in tons of sprinkles and tied with an adorable bow. What better way to start the new year than with something that would bring endless, tooth-filled smiles from little ones everywhere? They are perfect for anything from kids’ birthday parties to everyday lunches made spectacular! Can you imagine having your child’s birthday party at school and having each little one open up their goody bags to find these fun and tasty treats? Your child will surely be the star of the party!


These tasty pops are handmade into brownies and then hand-dipped into white chocolate as well as regular chocolate. We then dunk them into your choice of sprinkles to add that extra special touch that will make these little delights the perfect addition to your special event. Aside from being delicious, they are practical, too considering they can also double as food for your party!

What guest doesn’t want to take home something sweet to share with their loved ones? Guests will be sure to talk up a storm about these yummy pops and you don’t have to break the bank to get that extra shot of wow!

We can only sell these in person and locally, so if you’re in the Miami area and are looking for something like this, send us an e-mail at or and we at Your Moments Created will be happy to help you with anything within our reach.

Thanks so much and best wishes for an amazing 2013!

Your Moments Created