Chocolate Is More Than Just Chocolate…


Oh, chocolate!

How we love thee.

Let us count the ways…


Here we have cooked up something extra sweet.


Imagine a little, chocolate cup, perfect for bite-sized portions and filled with smooth and creamy dulce de leche and mixed in with roasted pecans baked to have that perfect touch!


We alternated between light cocoa and white chocolate for those with a sweet tooth for white chocolate as well.


Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!


Your Moments Created, LLC


Birthday Baskets With Chocolate Lollipops


Here’s a look at our latest birthday baskets! They are filled with white chocolate lollipops which read “Happy Birthday” to the special birthday lady or gentleman.


What a way to celebrate!

-Your Moments Created LLC

Cupcakes and Lollipops With Style…


Cupcakes aren’t just cupcakes anymore! And don’t get me started with lollipops!


With all the latest tips and tricks out there, cupcakes and lollipops have taken on a life of their own. Not only are they utensil-free, finger foods, they are also perfect for both adults and kids! Dress them up or color them like a rainbow. Whatever your heart’s desire, they offer a world of possibilities!


Here are some cupcakes we recently put together. Finger-licking, delicious, chocolate cupcakes with smooth, chocolate filling and dulce de leche frosting along with vanilla cupcakes with neon blue frosting in a wave of different styles (for those not too keen on chocolate).

At Your Moments Created, we can make them into baskets, boxed gifts, for parties and so much more! We love cupcakes and we hope you do, too!


Thanks for reading!

Your Moments Created

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Packaged and ready to go!

Packaged and ready to go!

Valentine’s Day was a great time for us in that we got to make our favorite alfajores and delicious lollipops for our clients! Here are some snapshots of our last few orders before they headed out!

Individual white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress!

Individual white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress!

We couldn’t forget our alfajores!!!

About 30 deliciously sugar-coated dulce leche filled cookies overfilled this cute little box to the brim! What a decadent problem to have!

About 30 deliciously sugar-coated dulce leche filled cookies overfilled this cute little box to the brim! What a decadent problem to have!


Coffee and Chocolate? What could be better?

So you love that caffeine rush in the morning but maybe you have a sweet tooth, too? Well, there’s no need to fear! You get the best of both worlds here!  Check out our latest coffee-shaped, chocolate and white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress in a gorgeous, shimmering basket box. To add just a little flare, we threw in a few chocolate and white chocolate roses to boot!  Love these! Yum yum…

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Side-view of basket

Side-view of basket


Sailor theme!

What’s more adorable than a newborn baby boy? Probably not much but having a sailor-theme baby shower for the upcoming arrival of that baby boy definitely doesn’t hurt! From boats to fish nets to life preservers, having a sailor theme baby shower can easily become a lot of fun and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Check out some of the items we at Your Moments Created did for one of our own personal parties!

Here are some additional ideas if you’re looking to do a sailor-theme party in general:

Quick Tips for a Sailor-Theme Party:

  • Use food coloring or water bubbles to tint water from clear to blue for centerpiece fillers.
  • Pick color themes around a holiday that will pass before your party so that you can buy items such as ribbon in those colors at discounted prices. Examples include red, white and blue (have party after 4th of July and buy some items at discounted prices at retail stores) or blue, yellow and brown (have party after Easter and you can get pastel-colored items at a lower cost).
  • For tablecloths you can use fishing nets which can be found also in the “tropical” or “tiki” section most places
  • For games you can buy plastic baby toy boats or other inexpensive items that can be used in the games (such as maybe a fishing game or the like) where you can later keep the items for the baby later on.
  • Don’t forget that incorporating a theme can also help you in terms of picking some interesting venues. For example, you could check out certain clubs that have clubhouses they rent out. They may already have some sailor-type decor if you pick carefully. Places that are not frequented as often during the off-season could help as well. Sea food restaurants, party boats, or places that are on the water are also nice options. If you’re planning a child’s birthday, check out local pools to see if they have any type of play area that has a ship. I believe Grapeland Water Park in Miami has something such as that. Places like the seaquarium are obviously always a big hit as well. Banquet halls do all the work for you but if you want to do more yourself or you have a few people willing to help you, you can also just do the gathering at someone’s house where they have a pool (or rent somewhere where there is already a pool or water area such as your local pools or places like Venetian Pool or Pinecrest Gardens. You can either use the pool as your main area of decor by throwing in fake fish or floating candles or even covering with a net and attaching shells and the like to it for emphasis or incorporate your pool as the play area so the kids have fun as well. You can buy inflatable life savers, plastic buckets and toy fish and throw them in as decor that will then double as entertainment for younger kids. Ask places if they have specials or discounts and sign up for their e-mail lists so you can be aware of any help price wise for which you may be eligible.
  • For a less expensive candy filler, try lifesavers candies, red Swedish fish, goldfish crackers, and the like.
  • For economical drinks, pass out bottled water with personalized wrappers and then fill a big bowl with blue punch and drop in some fake ice cubes that have fish in them so it looks like they are floating in the water.
  • For inexpensive finger food you can buy shrimp rounds at Walmart or a nearby grocery store and incorporate a seafood spread on specific crackers.  If you’re having kids, fish sticks is always a winner or have chicken nuggets in the shape of fish (I’ve seen these in the grocery store if you’re willing to make them or have someone make them).
  • If you’re looking out for those with a sweet tooth, you can buy mini powdered donuts and red icing and just draw red lines on each one to make it look like a life preserver. Have a tin bucket filled with blueberry jello containers for dessert to look like little water buckets.

Whatever the reason, you can always have alot of fun with a sailor theme party.

Best wishes and have fun!


Your Moments Created

A beautiful fall theme: pumpkins, scarecrows and chocolate. Oh my!

A beautiful fall theme: pumpkins, scarecrows and chocolate. Oh my!

Fall Chocolate Basket Continue reading