Alfajores Gift Baskets For the Holidays!

We couldn’t forget our alfajores this year! Delicious and creamy dulce de leche oozing out of a cookie that has been sprinkled with white, sweet sugar and pilled high for everyone to enjoy, these little cookies will not disappoint!


Here is one of our recent baskets. It’s a gift basket filled with our brownie pops, covered in white chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, as well as decorated with our poinsettia chocolate lollipops and then PLOP! We dropped in a large martini glass and filled it to the brim with our finger-licking good alfajores!

If this doesn’t say “Merry Christmas!” we aren’t sure what does!


All of our lollipops can be made individually for baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and more. Just send us an e-mail at and we will be happy to chat with you.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday, friends!

May 2014 bring you all good health and happiness for an amazing year…



Your Moments Created



Holiday Fun For Everyone!

Happy holidays, everyone! With the holidays around the corner, we at Your Moments Created are baking away getting ready for all the fun and food that comes with this time of year! This year we have created some delicious holiday … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love A Gift Basket?

image_3Ah, gift baskets. What’s not to like? There’s so much stuff in it that there’s bound to be something for everyone! You don’t have to pick just one thing (for that person that you don’t know just quite exactly what she/he will like) but instead give them a piece of everything!

Here’s one of our latest baskets. Filled with donut-shaped cakes dipped in orange, white chocolate and covered in vibrant sprinkles! (The kid in me came out in that one!)

Next we threw in some blueberry muffins, then some deep chocolate cupcakes filled with rich, chocolate filling and dunked in red, white chocolate and lightly covered in colorful sprinkles. Matching red, white chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies with those same attention-grabbing sprinkles lined the sides of the basket. Last, but not least, we threw in some cinnamon rolls – some spread with hot, drizzling icing and other smothered with flowing chocolate that almost seems lava-like.


I don’t know about you, but if I go to a restaurant and they tell me someone came in and bought me a pass to try a sample of everything on the menu, I’m going to be one happy camper!


Gift baskets are just the same. You can pick and choose and even offer to others if you’re at work or at a family gathering. Even when you share, there’s always still something left for you to enjoy no matter how many fingers are waiting to grab a bite!

image_30So when you just don’t know what to buy that person on your list, give us a chance to try an array of things at Your Moments Created. We might just surprise you (and in a very delicious sort of way)!


Thanks for reading!

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Cupcakes and Lollipops With Style…


Cupcakes aren’t just cupcakes anymore! And don’t get me started with lollipops!


With all the latest tips and tricks out there, cupcakes and lollipops have taken on a life of their own. Not only are they utensil-free, finger foods, they are also perfect for both adults and kids! Dress them up or color them like a rainbow. Whatever your heart’s desire, they offer a world of possibilities!


Here are some cupcakes we recently put together. Finger-licking, delicious, chocolate cupcakes with smooth, chocolate filling and dulce de leche frosting along with vanilla cupcakes with neon blue frosting in a wave of different styles (for those not too keen on chocolate).

At Your Moments Created, we can make them into baskets, boxed gifts, for parties and so much more! We love cupcakes and we hope you do, too!


Thanks for reading!

Your Moments Created

Spring is in the air and the chocolate is not far from there!


Hello, friends!

Easter is around the corner and so you ask yourself, “What can I get this year that isn’t the same thing I’ve gotten years before?” Well, here is a glimpse at a couple of our spring baskets filled with delicious, white chocolate, bunny-shaped and flower-shaped lollipops! Complete with a beautiful, colorful butterfly and gorgeous bow these baskets will delight friends and family everywhere!


The lollipops can also be done individually (and in different themes) for those of you who have birthday parties, baptisms, bay showers, quinces, and more coming up! Feel free to e-mail us and ask at (Food products can only be sold in person and delivered locally due to the possibility of damage during shipping.) Here are a few pics of some of our recent creations. Hope you enjoy them!




Thanks for checking out our blog! Please feel free to contact us for your upcoming parties and/or special events! We are happy to help as we would love to be part of your special day.






Your Moments Created

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Packaged and ready to go!

Packaged and ready to go!

Valentine’s Day was a great time for us in that we got to make our favorite alfajores and delicious lollipops for our clients! Here are some snapshots of our last few orders before they headed out!

Individual white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress!

Individual white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress!

We couldn’t forget our alfajores!!!

About 30 deliciously sugar-coated dulce leche filled cookies overfilled this cute little box to the brim! What a decadent problem to have!

About 30 deliciously sugar-coated dulce leche filled cookies overfilled this cute little box to the brim! What a decadent problem to have!


Coffee and Chocolate? What could be better?

So you love that caffeine rush in the morning but maybe you have a sweet tooth, too? Well, there’s no need to fear! You get the best of both worlds here!  Check out our latest coffee-shaped, chocolate and white chocolate lollipops dressed to impress in a gorgeous, shimmering basket box. To add just a little flare, we threw in a few chocolate and white chocolate roses to boot!  Love these! Yum yum…

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Chocolate, coffee-shaped and rose-shaped lollipops in glitter basket

Side-view of basket

Side-view of basket