Cupcakes, pies and cakes galore!

CakeWatermark4 Hi, friends!

Here are some of our latest creations. From chocolate pies to chocolate filled cupcakes and chocolate ganache covered cakes, we at Your Moments Created are going into chocolate overload! So to even out our taste buds we dabbled with some vanilla for a sweet and delicious end to a great week.


Chocolate Ganache Cake





Chocolate Cream Pie


Spring Cupcakes



Vanilla Cake


Chocolate Filled Cupcakes



Marshmallow Cupcakes


Vanilla Chocolate Cake





Your Moments Created


Fondant Cakes Inspired By Movies


Good evening, friends!

So how is everyone doing today? We’re doing great and hope you are as well!

Everything has been great over at Your Moments Created so to have ourselves a little fun we recently went out with our own little ones and saw Disney’s movie Frozen and we absolutely loved it! (Being from Florida, we appreciated Olaf’s love for summer weather. LOL!) We also loved seeing the bond between sisters and thoroughly enjoyed watching the funny antics of our favorite snowman! So here we have our recent inspiration after seeing that adorable movie!

Inside we stacked three layers. The first was tinted blue but tasted of vanilla, the second was white also with vanilla flavoring and lastly a chocolate layer to give those chocolate lovers something as well!  In between each layer was the sweet and scrumptious taste of mouth-watering, vanilla buttercream. Covering the entire cake was a never-ending amount of more buttercream which held vanilla fondant finishing off this amazing look! We had so much fun making all these fondant accents for the cake. If we can ever be of any help to you for your next birthday party feel free to send us an e-mail at

Hope you guys like it!



Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dulce De Leche Cake Pops and More!


Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and so we had to give in to our temptations and delve into the world of strawberries and carry on with our dulce de leche ways. Who doesn’t enjoy a big, juicy, red strawberry, dipped in chocolate and covered in chocolate chips? We do!


But we can’t forget our cake pops! This time we tried out something different. Instead of using our usual vanilla taste to our cake pops, we incorporated dulce de leche instead. Here are a few of our chocolate-covered cake pops filled with spongy vanilla cake and finger-licking good dulce de leche. Don’t forget the chocolate chips!


But Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete in our neck of the woods, without our mouth-watering alfajores. Here they are ready to go for that special someone…


Pink, spongy, vanilla cupcakes with soft, vanilla frosting and topped off with chocolate chips, platinum sprinkles and wedged in with a tiny Oreo cookie, these sweet treats are sure to not disappoint!


We also went ahead and made our donut-shaped cakes and boxed them up ready for delivery!




Chocolate Is More Than Just Chocolate…


Oh, chocolate!

How we love thee.

Let us count the ways…


Here we have cooked up something extra sweet.


Imagine a little, chocolate cup, perfect for bite-sized portions and filled with smooth and creamy dulce de leche and mixed in with roasted pecans baked to have that perfect touch!


We alternated between light cocoa and white chocolate for those with a sweet tooth for white chocolate as well.


Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!


Your Moments Created, LLC

Desserts, desserts and more desserts!


We love desserts! But that’s pretty obvious now isn’t it? Here is our latest attempt at making your taste buds water.


Sheet after sheet of flaky, delicious pastry is layered with yummy, sticky, gooey dulce de leche and then sprinkled with a cascade of powdered sugar. Top it all off with a sweet raspberry and a scrumptious dessert has come to life!


Your Moments Created, LLC

Birthday Baskets With Chocolate Lollipops


Here’s a look at our latest birthday baskets! They are filled with white chocolate lollipops which read “Happy Birthday” to the special birthday lady or gentleman.


What a way to celebrate!

-Your Moments Created LLC