Holiday Fun For Everyone!

Happy holidays, everyone!


With the holidays around the corner, we at Your Moments Created are baking away getting ready for all the fun and food that comes with this time of year! This year we have created some delicious holiday pops for kids (and grown-ups with a sweet tooth, too, of course!).


Check out our baskets filled with chocolate brownie pops, dipped in white chocolate and covered in sinfully good chocolate chips all wrapped with a gorgeous, big bow and adorable accent.  Don’t forget our poinsettia-shaped, white chocolate-flavored, red lollipops which also come with a beautiful, decorative bow.


Here’s one basket we just finished!



We couldn’t forget Santa’s favorite – cookies, of course! Chocolate chip cookies (sugar cookies also available) in glittery boxes make the holidays seem all that much more sweet!



We also have other decorative boxes that can be ordered with cookies, alfajores or empanadas filled with chocolate (guava and cheese available for a limited time)!


Christmas12 Christmas13

We hope you enjoy the holidays as much as we do!

Feel free to contact us if we can be of service to anyone for Christmas, New Year’s or any holiday this year!


Your Moments Created


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